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Health and Wellness Programs for Your Home Office Workforce

Every employee on your team deserves a benefits package that supports their current needs and lifestyle. As an employer, no doubt you have carefully arranged health insurance and retirement funds to take care of each team member. After the essentials, wellness benefits are often near the top of today’s priorities for employee perks. Just before the pandemic, health and wellness were leading trends in employee benefits. And now they are more important than ever. 

However, many of the best techniques for health and wellness were interrupted by the need for a quarantine office and our migration to the home office. It is no longer possible to lead morning yoga groups on the lawn or bring in a case of sandwich wraps for lunch. So how do you maintain your company culture’s focus on health and wellness for your now-at-home team? How can you do so affordably and provide the kind of wellness support that mirrors your company values?

Here are a few solid health and wellness plans you can implement to support your remote team members. And those who are still working on-site and in the field.

Affordable Health and Wellness Programs

1. The 10,000 Steps Challenge

Fitness trackers are affordable, popular, and increasingly stylish over time. Most wrist trackers and smartwatches have one unified goal that is always celebrated with a buzz and digital balloons. Walking 10,000 steps in one day. It’s do-able, but most people walk between 3,000 and 7,000 steps a day. And at-home workers often find themselves with far fewer steps-per-day due to the confined spaces of home.

Build a wellness incentive around reaching that 10,000 steps as many days as possible in a month. If your team does not have fitness trackers, provide or sponsor them. Encourage going for walks, playing with pets, or use treadmills. Consider including rewards for cardio-minutes and fulfilling personal exercise goals.

2. Seasonal Fruit and Healthy Snack Boxes

You can’t share break room goodies anymore. But you can still make sure healthy food gets to each of your team members. If sending food is your style of a health and wellness program, think carefully about the program you choose. Sending meal-kits is a popular choice, but the selection often ranges outside the tastes of most regular families. The ingredients might also go outside the diet of your team and their households. But you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit and snacks, especially if your team can pick their own mix.

If you want to send food to replace the lunches and snacks that were once hosted in the workplace, send snacks with the same inclusive consideration that you used to cater to the break room or stock the snack cabinet. Your team will really appreciate their choice of fresh fruits, nuts, crackers, and energy bars to keep them going during a long at-home workday.

3. Team Wellness Weekly Video Meetings

Right now, many remote employees are feeling isolated from their support system of friends and coworkers. It can be tough to go through a rigorous personal health routine for yourself alone. But everything is more fun with the encouragement of friends. A great way to support your remote teams with the infrastructure you already have is to host a casual weekly video meeting focusing on personal wellness. Encourage the team to meet as a group of friends. Sharing what they’re doing to stay healthy and encouraging each other to keep on their goals.

Your team can share pictures of their healthy meals, talk about their workout routines, and even bond as friends about personal challenges in staying healthy while living and working entirely from home. Just having the support of your colleagues and regular casual space to share can help to clear away that feeling of isolation and encourage enthusiasm about healthy routines again. 

Man having a virtual workout outside of his home.

4. Grocery Sponsorship for Recipe Sharing

You can choose to sponsor local grocery delivery using popular or regional services. Also, you can pay for a subscription, pre-pay grocery order credits, or give a stipend for healthy local shopping. And you can also use grocery sponsorship as a reward for making other healthy lifestyle choices.

One option is to promote recipe sharing and a community of healthy cooking. With everyone eating at home, your team can share easy, practical recipes made from local groceries. Promote a platform or social media group where employees can encourage each other’s cooking, share pictures of meals, and share recipes they’re making at home. 

5. Monthly Home Office Stipend

Designing the perfect office doesn’t happen overnight. Most people are not ergonomics experts and it can take time to determine the best elements of a productive home office. To support this journey, consider offering a regular stipend to improve home offices. This fund might go to ergonomic keyboards, footrests, standing desks, foldable room dividers, or video streaming gear just to name a few office basics.

You can also promote healthy office additions like water filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, and home workout equipment as ideal uses for the home office wellness stipend.

6. Work-Life Balance Scheduler Apps

Many people now working from home are struggling to keep an effective work-life balance. With work and home so close together (the same place), it can be tough to separate the work, family, and personal time that we all need to stay mentally healthy. Encourage lifestyle wellness by sharing a life planner app with your team that can help keep an at-home workday properly organized. Include wellness features like water drinking reminders and a place to schedule personal time in addition to the usual to-do lists.

7. Live Streaming Fitness and Recorded Lessons

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget the need for guided fitness. Most of us struggle to work out independently, but exercising with a group is far easier. For those who need a live class, provide or sponsor live-streaming fitness groups where an entire class follows a live instructor together. For the shy and workout-independent team members, access to an archive of recorded fitness lessons can be an ideal way to provide physical fitness even when the workplace gym is closed. Sponsoring home workout equipment is another great way to encourage and promote at-home physical fitness.

Health and wellness perks are still at the top of our priority list as caring employers. You want all your at-home team members to be able to stay healthy. And these are the methods that support remote team health. Here at Pioneer Benefits Partners, we can help you build and distribute benefits packages to your team that will support their current needs and lifestyle, including the unique new needs of remote professionals working from home. Contact us today!

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