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Perks for Your Employees: 5 Ways to Offer Big Perks on a Budget

Back in the day, an acceptable perk at work might have been a coffee machine in the break room. Successful companies are shelling out on bigger and better incentives to attract and retain top talent. It’s become commonplace for employees to expect a few perks to keep them happy and productive. In fact, perks have been shown to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Not just because workers value their spa time, but also because being given incentives is a great way to feel valued and respected.

If you want to help provide perks to your employees but don’t have the funds, don’t fret. Just because you might not have the means to give your employees nap pods or access to a fancy on-site gym doesn’t mean that you can’t give them low-budget perks that will make them feel excited to work for you. Read on to learn all about some big-business perks you can offer your employees on a small-business budget.


Big budget: Perhaps no company is more closely associated with fun perks than Google. Which offers its employees free massages, books, games, and more. They even allow their employees to bring their dogs to work. And encourage workers to spend up to 20% of their time working on self-directed passion projects that might be useful one day. All in all, Google employees love to rave about their fun-filled work environment.

Small budget: You might not be able to offer your employees custom-designed nap pods or massages every day, but there are less expensive ways to cultivate an atmosphere of fun. Consider establishing a little free library to the office. So that employees can swap books, adding a pool table or ping-pong table to a break room, or even making space for employees to do puzzles or games during their breaks. Letting your employees have fun is a great way to spark their creativity and show them that you care.


Big budget: Companies like Google and Facebook are notorious for providing their employees with delicious, healthy food for free or at a serious discount. And that doesn’t just mean a mediocre hot lunch. These Silicon Valley giants offer three hot meals a day. Plus snacks, drinks, and more. Facebook even offers a burger bar, pizza joint, and salad shop (among others). So their employees never have to enjoy the same meal twice in the same week.

Small budget: Even if you don’t have tech-startup money, you can still offer your employees great food for less money. It’s easy to stock up on bulk foods at places like Costco and keep the break room filled with healthy and delicious snacks. Office potlucks are a simple way to keep everyone fed without having to foot the bill. If you’re looking for a special treat, consider inviting a local food truck to stop by the office. So your workers can enjoy a delicious, discounted meal. After all, the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.


Big budget: Plenty of companies understand that healthy employees are happy, productive employees. Businesses like Cox Enterprises put their money where their mouth is when it comes to taking their employees’ fitness seriously. Offering perks like a full-service gym, free personal trainers, and yoga and spin classes. Many large companies also offer showers for employees who bike to work or work out throughout the day.

Small budget: Just because you can’t afford an Olympic-size swimming pool doesn’t mean you can’t help your employees stay fit. You can encourage a Fitbit competition to see who walks the most during a given period of time. Or offer your employees information about local hiking trails. You can even encourage employees to go for walks during lunch to get their bodies — and minds — moving. And don’t forget about yoga and meditation. Both of which are easy, sweat-free fitness activities that employees can enjoy before work or during lunch.

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Big budget: When it comes to healthcare perks, Microsoft is where it’s at. In addition to funding their employees’ gym memberships and offering on-site exercise facilities, Microsoft also has on-site pharmacists, optometrists, and clinics for their employees’ healthcare needs. This means that employees don’t need to rearrange their schedules to get a flu shot or blood pressure reading.

Small budget: Keeping your employees safe and healthy is doable even if you aren’t Bill Gates. It’s possible to provide your staff with healthy necessities. Like tissues and hand sanitizer, as well as to give them all the information they need about eating healthfully, exercising, and screening for common diseases. Additionally, try to partner with a pharmacy or clinic to offer your staff free or discounted flu shots. Keeping your workers healthy shows that you value your employees. 


Big budget: There’s nothing more valuable than the gift of time. Companies like Amgen show their support by offering 5 weeks of vacation time every year. Sony offers their employees unlimited PTO. Many companies also allow their employees Fridays off during the summer or the ability to work from home.

Small budget: If your budget is small, it’s still possible to offer up some flexibility in your employees’ schedule. Consider letting your employees telecommute, or work from home, occasionally. Or if that’s not an option, spring for monthly half-day Fridays or extended lunch hours. Even the smallest amount of time you can give back to your employees is bound to make them feel appreciated and supported.

Final Word

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